My grandfather showed me shooting at range



If you want to know what awaits you in the event that you want to go to the shooting range and at the same time you are interested in my story about how I actually got into shooting, keep reading this article. I think he could inspire you a lot in some things. It all started when my grandfather was shooting. He was always very fond of shooting, and I quietly admired him. I always wanted to learn it too, but my grandfather always told me that I was still too young for target shooting. And that when I`m older, he`ll definitely teach me target shooting.


Time went by. Time passed and I got bigger. I grew up and became a grown woman. And then I reminded my grandfather again that I would like him to teach me how to shoot a target. He was surprised that I hadn`t forgotten about it the whole time. But the first time he agreed and said that he would teach me. I was really excited and looking forward to finally learn to shoot after all these years. My grandfather taught me what to do and advised me what and how. In the end, I learned how to shoot a target quickly, and today I could teach it to other people. Today I shoot almost like a pro. However, to get to the point and the heart of the matter.


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